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This was to be a limited edition seed but due to popular demand from all levels and styles of growers this hybrid is finding a regular place in the MNS hall of fame. The Afghan Skunk combination is full of fruity undertones and berry flavors combined to the Afghan Haze male which gives it a pungent and recognizable smell and taste. It rewards all who grow it, usually superseding one's expectations. This seed is suitable for all styles and levels of growers and is a marvel for most medically motivated growers. ASH performs equally well in organics or hydro or coco or what ever medium used for cultivation and the same clone grown in different mediums is only really recognized by its flavor and scent as the yields can fluctuate. Expect the plant to be finished flowering between 9-11 weeks, but there are a few possible at 8 weeks; it all lies with the selection and competence of growing. Yields will range from 450-600 grams a square meter for indoor growers and very heavy for outdoor and greenhouse cultivations. With the 25% mix of Haze it is better suited to cooler areas than most Afghan hybrids and resists mould better in places of early rains. An excellent remake of old school lines originating from Neville in the late 1980s.

Attribute Details
Name Afghan Skunk Haze (ASH)
Heritage Afghan Skunk x Afghan Haze
Category Exclusive Limited Editions - New Blends of Old School Genetics
Family Breed 25% Skunk, 50% Afghan, 25% Haze-Thai/Columbian/Mexican
Breeder Nevil and Shantibaba
Preferred Medium Bio and hydro, outdoors/greenhouse
Expected Yield Indoors: 450-600 grams/square meter; Outdoors/Greenhouse: Very heavy yields
Flowering Period Indoors: 8-10 weeks; Outdoors (Northern Hemisphere): Early to mid-October; Outdoors (Southern Hemisphere): Late March to early April
Recommendations Excellent for all types of growers, both indoor and outdoor, suitable for inexperienced to advanced growers
Special Notes Originally intended as a limited edition but gained popularity; Recognized in the MNS Hall of Fame; Full fruity undertones and berry flavors; Excellent medical applications; Remake of old school lines from the late 1980s; 25% Haze content


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