Master Kaze (Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze)



This is a limited edition seed that has well-established roots in the Afghan dominant side of plant expression. The Master Kush is a proven winner along with the Skunk and Haze sides of this complex hybrid, and the phenotype of this seed are all trustworthy for all levels of growing. A packet of seed will allow for all types of selection and will yield better than average, with the twist of sativa (Haze) influence. A pleasure for those who like complex blends and a range of flavour that may not be on offer from so many other hybrids.

For the medical grower, there is everything you need in these genetics – it will be down to the individual to select the best mother that will suit all one’s needs – the range will be from a strong expression of narcotic Afghans to the euphoria of the Haze! Expect it to finish to flower between 8-10 weeks, and with a yield of 400 grams-500 grams per square meter indoors and a very heavy outdoor yield. Grown outdoors pay attention to early rains… but a plant most all of us will be content to have in our garden at some stage.